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    [1]Description of business

    We started as a shipping company and the company is currently a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) business, which is a "comprehensive and all-around outsourcing service for advancement of logistics and SCM functions". In addition we also provide proposals for implementation of JIT (Just In Time) physical distribution systems where required materials are delivered to the required location at the required time in only the required amounts, elimination of back stock waste, normalization of work mechanisms and storage of stock at our company.

    In addition to the above, we also serve as a Japanese distributor for an overseas sports brand, and I think we'd also like to be more indirectly active in the sales, physical distribution and action sports scenes.

    [2] What are your plans for the future?

    In 5 years we plan to merge the 2 separate physical distribution companies currently run by our company's chairman into a single company. I believe we need to increase the scale of our profits and have a system which is able to handle the needs of major companies. The merger will probably put us at about 2,500,000,000 yen, so I think that will be the point where we really determine our success or failure.

    [3] Other

    Environmental activities are also for our own benefit, so we always give consideration to environmental issues. Our company recycles our garbage so our garbage output is nearly zero. We learned a lot when we obtained ISO certification.

    [Editor’s note]

    The company currently runs shipping and storage operations from 3 bases in Osaka, Tokyo and Shizuoka with each base doing extremely well, and they mentioned there was an expected upward trend in the number of customers in the Kanto region.

    The company also explained that among their business activities, the shipping of products to customers who purchase said products over the internet is seeing the most growth, and although they used to carry out analog management of products, they have recently introduced a new system which has improved efficiency and reduced the number of mistakes which occur.

    The company believes it is their responsibility to strengthen brand power in order to contribute to the sales of more products, and that they can improve their services for customers by carrying out uniform management of products in relationships which deal with not just individual brand products, but extremely large amounts and types of products.