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    [1]Description of business

    We recycle used paper to make a type of wrinkled paper called "crepe paper". The company was started in 1928 by my grandfather selling paper in Hiroshima. The company continued to focus on paper thereafter, starting in the paper manufacturing industry in 1951, and incorporated as Sanyo Paper in 1957. This year will be our 53rd anniversary.

    We recycle used paper into a variety of papers for packaging including packing for iron and electrical wires, packing paper for bowls and similar when moving, and wrapping paper for flowers.

    The paper making industry uses large amounts of water during the paper making process and places a burden on the environment, however in the 21st century, we have begun recycling and paying particular attention to environmental issues, implementing a variety of measures in order to become a company which gives consideration to environmental issues in all facets of business, even in our management philosophy.

    At present, we are focusing on products which use "ume" plum charcoal. We discovered charcoal made from ume plum seeds 7 years ago and managed to determine how to make paper from the plum seeds through trial and error testing leading to our development of ume plum seed charcoal paper, which we now sell. Ume plum seed charcoal has very small pores, and is more functional than "Bincho tan" white charcoal in some ways. In addition to ume plum seeds, we also use food residue, beer dregs, prune seeds and other materials. We produce charcoal recycled paper while designing the base papers, and have plans for a variety of products for different uses. We are also considering getting involved in B2C (business to consumer, a type of electronic commerce where a company deals directly with general consumers) in the future. We're currently hammering out the business models for these activities while moving forward with them.

    [2] What are your plans for the future?

    Up until now we have mainly focused on the production of base paper and left everything else to clients, however we want to place more emphasis on design and processing, develop a variety of products based on raw materials and participate in collaborations in order to create products our customers want to use.

    We also hope to increase our yearly turnover by 2-300,000,000 yen within the next 5 years.

    [3] Other

    (Effects of Kishuu Ume Plum Charcoal) Absorption of environmental hormones. Deodorization properties. Disinfectant and insect repellant properties. Humidity conditioning properties. Ultra-red ray effects. Electromagnetic wave inhibiting actions. Water purifying qualities. (Characteristics and Effects of Ume Plum Charcoal Crepe Paper)

    Made from used paper, water and charcoal.
    Is a 100% recycled product.
    Has superb shock absorption/buffering qualities.
    Absorbs acidic gases.
    Has humidity conditioning and deodorizing properties.