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  • “Mi-chan’s Adventure!”

  • NO.21 Ohashi Metal Trading Co., Ltd. http://www.oohasi.co.jp/

     Headquartered in Tsurumi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Ohashi Metal Trading Co., Ltd. is a company that handles the purchase, processing and consignment processing of nonferrous and other metals, as well as the retrieval and transport of industrial waste, intermediate waste treatment, the recycling of waste plastic and resins, and the manufacture and sale of recycled products. For today’s adventure, I visited and toured their Kanuma factory (Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture), which handles the salvage of copper and other nonferrous metals through pulverization processing of used electrical wiring, and their Nishizawa factory, which handles the sale of polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pellets made from recycled waste plastic, and the salvage of aluminum and polyethylene through the separation and pulverization of used communications cables.


    The Kanuma factory


    The Nishizawa factory

    【Details of Operations】
     The recycling of used electrical wiring (nonferrous metals, plastic covering) Wires and cables are pulverized (into “nuggets”) and only the metal inside (iron, copper, etc.) is extracted. The extraction rate is about 99%. Because the copper our company retrieves has been used as a conductor in electrical wiring, it is virtually free of impurities, and so we are able to return pure, high-quality copper to our clients.


     While the actual wiring and cables are collected at the Kanuma factory, the Nishizawa factory retrieves their plastic covering. The copper retrieved at the Kanuma factory is returned to our clients and the waste plastic is sent to the Nishizawa factory, where it is processed into pellets to be recycled.


    Copper salvaged at the Kanuma factory


    Polyethylene pellets recycled at the Nishizawa factory

     Our company, which was founded in 1970, began processing plastic pellets into boards (Repeat Board) just three years ago. Since then, this product has received “C-Class” certification under the Japanese government’s “Unified Qualifications for all Ministries and Agencies” and, with a proven track record of sales to the Ground and Maritime Self-Defense Forces, its sales are now steadily growing.


    Pulverized copper and plastic pass through a sifter, where they are sorted by wind power.


    Sorted copper


    Waste plastic raw material<1>
    (electrical wiring boxes, etc.)


    Waste plastic raw material<2>
    (electrical wire/cable covering)


    A separator, which strips the aluminum from the electrical wire


    Molten plastic being processed

    【 Repeat Board (Lightweight Sheet Board Made of Recycled Resin) 】
     Repeat Board is recycled sheet board made from the polyethylene covering from used electrical wiring.

      ・It’s lightweight sheet board made using earth-friendly, recycled polyethylene
      ・It reduces CO2 emissions, contributing to the prevention of global warming.
      ・It’s made of polyethylene, so it doesn’t rot or rust.
      ・It’s flexible, so it doesn’t break easily.
      ・It’s made using 100% recycled material from electrical wiring covering,
       so it’s flexible.
      ・It’s been proven to last over 30 years in outdoor usage (sun-proof).

      (Primary Uses)
      ・Temporary path and road installations
      ・Repair of road bumps and potholes, road surface protection
      ・Electrical insulation
      ・Water treatment/environmental uses
      ・Anti-slip/safety flooring around machinery and machine tools
      ・Safety and protection uses
      ・Floor protection (for events)
      ・Agricultural related uses