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  • No. 5 Jigami Consulting

    The home office is located in Sayamagaoka, in Saitama Prefecture. It is in a quiet residential block, which is about 8 minutes’ walk from the station, and there are also shops nearby. It seemed like a lovely town to live in. With a delicious cup of coffee which Mrs. Kobori kindly made for us, let’s start the interview!

    Description of business

    Mr. Kobori used to work for the Ebara Corporation, in the environmental business division, for just under 40 years. He left the company four and half years ago, and has started an environmental consulting business.

    There was not much point in doing the same business as I did when I worked for Ebara, therefore, at first, we started to do business involving activated carbon or the down-sizing of businesses for environmental purposes.

    Today, our main business lies in reflective plates, while the remainder involves environmental consultancy for two companies.

    Mrs. Kobori is the president of the company and Mr. Kobori - together with Mr. Kasukawa and a newly-hired employee, who began working at the company in September - is in charge of sales and marketing.

    These three individuals have different areas of business specialization in accordance with their previous work experience.

    Mr. Kobori used to be in charge of big projects, including industrial plants; he takes advantage of that experience and the connections he has made on previous occasions.

    Mr. Kasukawa has experience in manufacturing, so he excels at general sales for individual distributors.

    We effectively divide the tasks according to our individual strengths; we share our opinions and enjoy working together. It is different from what we used to do; it is something new, so we engage our brains, which is why it is so interesting.

    Product Introduction

    <Eco Future> (Highly efficient reflective plate shade for high ceilings)

    • Eco Future is a lamp shade featuring a built-in reflective plate with an astonishing reflection ratio performance of 95%. Simply by replacing the existing shade with Eco Future, brightness is dramatically increased. This makes it possible to switch the existing bulb to a low-wattage one, which leads to a huge reduction in running costs, thus saving energy and reducing CO2.

    • Eco Future’s reflective plate is made of PVD coated special material, with a base of 99.99% high purity ammonium. It offers high durability and easy maintenance. It also retains its high reflection efficiency in the long term with regular maintenance.

    I could see how Mr. Kobori efficiently uses his experience and existing connections for the sales and marketing activities he now performs.

    He also has a very favorable attitude towards EBRI and expressed a very positive opinion, stating that “I would like to offer my advice to everyone and to collaborate with EBRI in terms of sales and marketing,” which made me very happy. We anticipate that Mr. Kobori will continue to be an important member of EBRI.

    After the interview, we had lunch and visited “Mitsui Outlet Park” in Iruma. There are 204 shops; the prices displayed there are unimaginable in department stores!

    It was my first visit to an outlet mall, but it was very enjoyable.

    Mr. Kobori, smiling in front of his home office

    Mr. Kobori, smiling in front of his home office

    The outlet mall

    The outlet mall