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    Hello! It’s me, Mi-chan. This time, I visited Environment and Development in Kumamoto Prefecture, which is located at the center of Kyushu Island.

    Description of business

    Originally, the company used to be an agent conducting administrative procedures for construction related businesses, enabling them to carry out surveys and designing, and performed execution management for big construction projects. About 20 years ago, we started to design final disposal sites for waste products, and gradually, the amount of jobs relating to waste products has increased.

    Today the environmental business division offers a consultancy service for waste disposal businesses and, more recently, recycling businesses. More specifically, it helps organizations which are about to start a new business to obtain the necessary permissions in order for them to begin operating.

    An evaluation scheme for industrial waste disposal companies has recently been established, so we help companies to publish their information online, as well as helping companies to obtain ISO14001 and EcoAction 21 certification.

    As a result of these projects, an incorporated NPO, with an office at our company premises, acts as a local office responsible for conducting “EcoAction 21” certification paper work.

    Also, in relation to the CO2 reduction business and combating climate change, each prefecture has a “Japan Center for Climate Change Actions” office. The executive officer for the incorporated NPO appointed as the official office for the center in Kumamoto Prefecture is the president of the company, and he works to promote the environmentally-friendly activities conducted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Kumamoto Prefectural government.

    In addition to this, there is a system called the manifesto system which regulates industrial waste, and the computerization of this system is underway; we are therefore preparing to start our electronic manifesto consulting business.

    To begin with, we opened up a website.
    “Easy with Electronic Manifesto! Industrial waste regulation” www.e-manifest.jp

    As the company name “Environment and Development” indicates, this is a company which conducts environmentally-friendly business, and offers development consultancy services. They focus their efforts on final disposal site business relating to waste disposal and recycling, and help with the paperwork required to obtain various certifications, especially “EcoAction 21”.

    After spending a while in the car from Kumamoto Airport, I saw the Aso mountain range.

    We toured the volcano vent. We were able to inspect the vent at close range. However, volcanic gas (sulfur dioxide) was also generated in the area. We took a commemorative photo while choking in the gas a little bit. The weather was lovely.

    After enjoying the spectacle of mother nature showcased by Aso, we went to a restaurant specializing in horse meat. It was so delicious, I seriously considered moving to Kumamoto for good.

    In front of the volcano vent of Mt. Aso

    In front of the volcano vent of Mt. Aso

    Environment and Development HQ

    Environment and Development HQ