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  • Eco-Moss system going to Hong Kong

    On 20th March 2010, the Eco-Moss system (roof-greening using sand moss) by International Environmental Design Association was installed as a test, on a rooftop of an elementary school in Hong Kong.

  • On 20th March 2010, we went to Hong Kong to test the International Environmental Design Association’s (International Environmental Design Association Ltd.) product, Eco-Moss system.

    The staff who participated in this event are; Mr. Kodama, the president of International Environmental Design Association; Mr. Koshiba and Ms. Wang from Urban System; and Samuel and Diego, who are local associates from Hong Kong. We installed the Eco-Moss system to see if it is suitable for Hong Kong’s climate, in preparation for selling the system in Hong Kong.

    Because of a huge effort made by the Japanese side, as well as cooperation from Samuel, who is the president of a local company called Daikan International Co., Ltd., we were introduced to a local elementary school. On the rooftop of the school, we tested the system in an area of approximately 10 m2.

    It was the first time Japanese moss went abroad. It was very difficult to get clear answers on the necessary procedures, when we contacted the custom office, quarantine depot, and other authorities.

    After a process of trial and error, at the end of January, Aichi Kaiun offered us help, and we learned that the necessary procedures in Japan is determined based on the instructions from the importing country’s government, and in this case that is the government of Hong Kong.

    From that point onwards, everything went smoothly.

    The flow of the necessary procedures was; apply for import certificate to the Hong Kong government’s Plant Quarantine division; being checked by the Japanese plant quarantine authority; receiving clearance from Japanese customs; shipping from Japan to Hong Kong; and receiving clearance from Hong Kong customs. It was a very busy schedule, which fortunately all went smoothly.

    Hong Kong belongs to a temperate climate zone with summer rainfall, and a dry and warm autumn and winter. In spring and summer, its climate is hot and humid because of the seasonal wind from the sea and tropical cyclones.

    We hope that the Eco-Moss system can contribute to the battle against global warming in Hong Kong, as it does in the Japanese climate.

    Photos from Hong Kong